AKAMAI PRODUCTS | Protecting Your Sensitive Information

Protecting Your Sensitive Information

Why do I need to protect my data?


Protect Your Data From Visual Hackers

With our workforce more mobile than ever before, protecting your privacy has become exponentially important, especially in public or semi-public areas. Companies and IT Departments have begun taking extra precautions to ensure their company's data remains secure.


Advanced Privacy Technology

These privacy filters are made with razor thin microlouvers, with each as thin as a single strand of hair. Thousands of these virtually undetectable microlouvers are incorporated into each privacy filter.


How Do Akamai Products Privacy Filters Work?

Akamai Products privacy filters work by blocking light outside the 60 degree viewing angle, while providing anyone within it (including people behind you) with a clear view. 

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What Our Customers Say

This is an absolutely fantastic privacy screen... from a privacy perspective this thing works flawless. as soon as you begin looking at the screen from an angle it blacks out, keeping the screen only visible to me. Really high quality as well. Doesn't scratch easily and good quality materials and construction. Highly recommended!

Top 1000 Reviewer Amazon Customer

I can always rely on Akamai to deliver quality and usability. Their privacy screens allow me to work on planes and in public places without worrying about other's being nosey (or a competitor sitting too close). They also provide options for how to attach the screen properly and keep it on the screen securely. Their customer service is outstanding as well. Thank you, Akamai!

A. Kirkbride

Love this privacy screen. It's good quality and has been working great for me... Definitely would buy from this seller and purchase this product again.